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Bee You Kids Baby Doll with Down Syndrome Features - Short Hair Brunette Boy

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Bee You Kids is a multicultural business dedicated to bringing toys from all over the world for children of all ethnicities, cultures and abilities. 

All children deserve toys that give them a sense of dignity, respect and show them that they are valued. This helps in the development of their self esteem; how they view themselves and eventually increases their sense of self worth. 

All the dolls as well as some of their clothes and accessories are manufactured 100% in Spain, in their factory of Onil (Alicante), the birthplace town of dolls and the toys from the decade of 1870's. This certification "Made in 100% of Spain" ensures the compliance with the strictest controls of European quality regulations of their products. 

The materials used in the doors are of high quality. From the raw material to the fabrics, hair, eyes, the soft smell of vanilla and each of the accessories of their dolls. 

Vinyl: The material used to make their dolls is soft PVC free of phthalates. They want to make sure your child is safe, that's why they have eliminated 100% of the chemicals that include phthalates. 

Soft Bodies: The bodies of some of their dolls are made with poplin fabric (cotton and polyester) free of dyes and filled with fire retardant acrylic fiber. The soft body dolls have a very soft texture and you can't avoid giving them a hug. They are dolls made with heart, created with quality and design.